Friday, August 30, 2013

video #9??

maybe it's my render settings
or maybe it's just YT being dumb again

Saturday, August 24, 2013

video #???

why is the video setting so weird

Tuesday, August 6, 2013


sobs the thumbnail is Jongup and look at that shirt it's see-through okay I will die.

I don't know what I was expecting. I guess after One Shot, my expectation had been quite high, which I really shouldn't have done. I'm not disappointed. It's more like, eh, it's good, but why am I not excited?
I guess because I know they can do better but heck, I would prefer if they just stayed silent for at least a year after such a full schedule. seriously, rookie year was full of promotions, second year full of tours AND Japanese debut like please sit down. but it seems like they like promoting. :c still. rest is important.

anyway,the music video isn't bad. honestly I'm in love with the scenery, although it feels like you can't really fully concentrate on it like you could in Coffee Shop. not enough of the boys, neither. There's a lot of things going on, and the fighting seemed tiring. feels like the rebels were losing somehow. the people with the shields didn't have flashbacks of their past life?? and in context of those who say B.A.P's being racist - excuse me? please refer to this.
so basically it was about people who are injustice and in the end they're at their own lost (because Korean men nuke everything).

Moving on to the music/album. It kinda reminds me of Power. The title track is, ehh, mediocre. But the rest of the album is amazing. I loved every track (in exception to Badman and Hurricane which is, like I said, okay). Whut's Poppin' has an amazing heavy-bass hip hop sound to it and the parts suited the boys well, especially my love Jongup

wtv ugh blogger i hate you
 (i gave my emotions to write that and it all turned into waste wtf blogger)
I think, what I like most about this album is that none of the tracks remind me of another track from their previous albums. the Power thing was about the album - what I feel about the tracks, which is the title track is mediocre but the rest of the album is amazing. but otherwise, all these tracks are really fresh and soo badass. although probably Whut's Poppin' will probably remind me of Fight for Freedom and Yes Sir, for now, it's really itself.

Good work, boys. I know Yongguk had his hands on producing the tracks this time too, other than writing raps. I'm proud of him. He's going for his dreams, which is to spread the music that he loves. It may not suit me as time passes, but like family, I'll always support him. I'll always support all of them.

Saturday, August 3, 2013

video #7 - irrelevant.

I made this because I miss B.A.P a lot especially my idiot. Also, the dedications. I felt like I should express my affection once in awhile lol.
I am so annoyed with how mechanics work though ugh!!! Do you know how many times I had to render this?? It kept blinking, I don't even know why. In the end I had to render it in 8-bit, which caused the quality that YT gave T T so annoying.
But well the process was quite good. the gradient maps worked better than usual and I quite liked how it all turned out. the colouring could've been better, but I'm not gonna complain. I really need a stronger laptop sigh. I like the VIAO, but it really is too old and I need space for my stuff.
My feelings for Jongup grew slightly too, because I had to go around looking for his quotes and so I went through interviews and I start to see his beauty again. I miss him, I really do. Can't wait for their comeback, but missing them is a bittersweet thing. at least they're not over-exposed and tired from the limelight so much, ya know? but knowing B.A.P they're probably excited so I'll be excited for them ^^
While I was writing the dedications I was worried some friends who really care for me would be offended that I didn't put them in, but I can't really think about that so I added 'more'. means that I care for a lot more than that four but these four people had really been there when I was down, ya know?
also, my brother. I really missed him and the tears I've cried for him... only God knows. and when I heard the song I was reminded of him. so there. Plus, he's home now. ^^