Saturday, August 3, 2013

video #7 - irrelevant.

I made this because I miss B.A.P a lot especially my idiot. Also, the dedications. I felt like I should express my affection once in awhile lol.
I am so annoyed with how mechanics work though ugh!!! Do you know how many times I had to render this?? It kept blinking, I don't even know why. In the end I had to render it in 8-bit, which caused the quality that YT gave T T so annoying.
But well the process was quite good. the gradient maps worked better than usual and I quite liked how it all turned out. the colouring could've been better, but I'm not gonna complain. I really need a stronger laptop sigh. I like the VIAO, but it really is too old and I need space for my stuff.
My feelings for Jongup grew slightly too, because I had to go around looking for his quotes and so I went through interviews and I start to see his beauty again. I miss him, I really do. Can't wait for their comeback, but missing them is a bittersweet thing. at least they're not over-exposed and tired from the limelight so much, ya know? but knowing B.A.P they're probably excited so I'll be excited for them ^^
While I was writing the dedications I was worried some friends who really care for me would be offended that I didn't put them in, but I can't really think about that so I added 'more'. means that I care for a lot more than that four but these four people had really been there when I was down, ya know?
also, my brother. I really missed him and the tears I've cried for him... only God knows. and when I heard the song I was reminded of him. so there. Plus, he's home now. ^^


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