Monday, September 2, 2013

rant 2013.

So I haven't been talking much on this blog. I haven't been blogging much in total, including my other blog because well, there's only so much to say and so little people who care. Well recently there's something I wanna talk about but since everyone's busy studying for trials I'll just put it here.

First and foremost, MTV World Stage. At first I didn't really like the idea of EXO coming because well my friends love them enough I will never hear the end of them not being able to go. But later I was like yeah okay fine whatever, since everyone here loves you guys anyway. Then I heard the performers list and they were like, I know Joe Flizzow, yea he's fine, but I can't remember the other one. Then I heard Robin Thicke. Wtf?

He is possibly the most discriminating and offensive person ever, and his song degrades women. Most of us only know ONE song of his, so what is he gonna do for the rest of his performing time? Sing something we've never heard of? And it's gonna be so embarrassing because I can imagine some Malaysians actually accepting him. Why here anyway? A Muslim country, out of places. How inappropriate. I had another word for that but I forgot what it was.

Next, i'm gonna talk about the recent m!countdown that was held in LA recently. I wanted to rant about it on kpopsecrets but who needs more EXO posts there? Oops I gave away the subject of topic. Well they performed and it fucking looked like their showcase or something. Even Teen Top, who performed for a comeback wasn't as extravagant. Heck they've been performing those two songs for weeks. And they had this big intro where they were dancing in shadows and shit and i'm like"Fuck that looks a lot like b.a.p's debut showcase intro" like srsly guys srsly you've been performing for a little over a year and you fucking treat a music show like your showcase srsly. And what pissed me off even more was the voice over. People are gonna say i'm too sensitive and over observant like lol who actually listens to the opening?? WELL I DO because it's in English and it's not like there's anything else to watch other than badly shot and choreographed dancing?? okay maybe the choreography wasn't bad but it was really messy ok.
Anyway about the voice over. It was talking about some shit of EXO trying to share the world their"music". Wtf??? Wtf???? Music??? THEIR music??? That's low man. That's so low. It's not THEIR fucking music. They didn't have any creative contribution in making Wolf and Growl. They just PERFORM it. Yes, it's their song, because SM made those songs for them (or maybe not I mean SM and their obsession in buying songs you can't deny it) but you can't call it their music. It didn't come from their heart and soul.  It came from someone else's. There are people out there who make music and kill to perform their music, because yes, they made the songs, it came from them, it's their music, but never get the chance. They sincerely want to share their music unlike EXO who are performing their songs there's a difference. It's all so pretentious I can't take it. They make music seem so cheap. Music? They don't love music. They love the fame.

Maybe i'm exaggerating. Maybe they do love music, but they aren't given the opportunity to make or sell music that they made. But honestly i'm not even looking at the members of EXO right now. I'm looking at the whole industry. The inside people who get the dough without showering their faces. And not just SM, but any company or musician who make music for the money. It degrades music to such a low par that it's so sad...

I need to study.