Sunday, December 29, 2013

they were just extras.

It's realistic as fuck don't argue.

Manager: Guys, we have to go to this recording in between your Japanese tour.


Manager: aw guys come on, it'll just be for a short while. you just gotta stand there and sing the lyrics they give you. that's all.

Daehyun: But we have to fly back to Korea.

Youngjae: just for one stinking recording where we do nothing.

Jongup: *whispers to Zelo* there'll be people...

Junhong: oh shit.. people.. we don't have to talk to them, right?

Jongup: i don't think so.. even if we do we have the hyungs to manage it, don't worry..

Junhong: ah, thank god I'm the maknae.

Yongguk: is there any way at all we can avoid this?

Manager: well I already said you guys will come so--

Himchan: WHAT


Youngjae: WE HAVE TO GO FOR NO REASON AT ALL my life is terrific.

Manager: HEY, just go. you're getting paid just by showing your faces. that's all I ask. you go and leave.

Yongguk: yea guys, it's for a cause anyway. we'll be back in Japan to finish up our tour in no time. we can't back out. no more troubles, okay?

Others: okay..

-in Korea-

B.A.P: *enters a room full of KPOP artists* *bows politely, smiles not seeming to appear as sincerely as they tried to be*

Himchan: [look at all these people who're as pretty as I am.. i feel threatened]

B.A.P: *gets escorted to somewhere in the corner of the stage*

Daehyun: *whispers to YJ* we're behind SHINee...

Youngjae: behind.. way behind

Daehyun: gotta stay away from SM germ after all *snickers*

Youngjae: that's racist man

Daehyun: shut up idiot it's not racist it's companist... get it? company-ist kekeke

Youngjae: racist sounded better

PD: Okay, we're going to start the shoot now! look as natural as possible, and refer to the lyrics if you forgotten them. you've been practicing, right?

Jongup: *whispers* what practice lol I only heard the song like once

Daehyun: just pretend you know the song, we only got the chorus anyway


others: ...

*shooting starts*

B.A.P: lol wtf are we doing here

Himchan: *gossips to JU*

*camera finally turns to them*

Himchan: [oh shit got off-guard]

Yongguk: [wow this is a really great beat wow i love music wow life is so beautiful this song is beautiful]

Jongup: [don't. make. eye. contact.]

Daehyun: [am I in the shot??]

Youngjae: [we're just whispering.. and apparently I'm an invisible ghost voice]

*camera turns*

B.A.P: [ha ha we got two seconds in the whole song ha ha let's just go back to Japan now ha ha]

PD: okay let's get that from another angle, okay?

B.A.P: [fucking hell] [except yongguk] [yongguk loves to jam]

-SBS Gayo Daejun-

Junhong: so where on stage do we go?

Youngjae: exactly where we were in the studio

Himchan: far off at the back

Daehyun: in the shadows

Jongup: ok but there's a bit of space there

Daehyun: go then

Youngjae: by yourself

Daehyun: go, go *pushes Jongup*

Jongup: hyuu~ng..

Junhong: [it's ok hyung i'm here for you]

Jongup: :D look at your scarf it's taller than you

Junhong: you mean longer dumb hyung

Jongup: no taller because if you unfold it it's probably about 200cm. TWO ZERO ZERO~

[continues clapping along to the song, trying to be enthusiastic and waving to fans]


I'm not trying to be offensive but this is how I see things that're going on. B.A.P's from a whole different world and because they are labeled as KPOP idols they are presumed to act as KPOP idols even though they feel that they are different from the others. B.A.P does have an ego, in my opinion. but that ego also comes with the fact that they don't want to be like everyone else. they want to be special. and tell me you've never wanted to be special before.

I also wanted to show how the industry wanted to have irrelevant idols to join in just to get more viewers. It's not just the KPOP industry, I know, it's the whole entertainment industry all over the world that use small tactics to get more popularity. it's marketing strategy really and I guess when you're doing business you can't be all innocent and nice. but let's face it; B.A.P and BEG were totally irrelevant in this project. even Sunmi got like one phrase - what's the point? plus the fact that B.A.P were touring at the moment. aren't they tired out enough? couldn't they have gotten someone who were already in Korea? I didn't see Nu'est anywhere. seriously, they're such an underrated group. I wouldn't mind them taking B.A.P's place if B.A.P gets to focus on what they really want to do instead of joining in on these irrelevant collaborations.

(honestly I think TS plays a huge role in making these boys suffer between getting 'freedom to do their music' as long as they follow the scheduling that the company has made for them. it hurts.)

the power of words.

I'm just so touched with the comments on Black Flies on AFF. kinda reminds me why I love writing fanfic so much - immediate response, personally from people whom I don't even know. some of them make me realize that sometimes words can just change you. makes me both scared that I'll write something that will change someone negatively, but also proud that I can make people see things that they've never thought of before. but before I have the right to change people, probably I should consider that I'm not a person who can say I've gone through enough to do that... but probably, a lot of writers are like this.

writers tell stories. but I think, somehow, in the way we tell it, we can make different people feel different things... and I think, the power of words itself helps us do that, if we use it the right way. some people misuse words and some people don't know how to use it to express themselves. but to me, this is how I say "I'm happy" or "I'm sad". and I'm glad I've been able to do that so far.

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

sketch #2 - hand practice

Reference might be slightly misleading, but it's there.
Did some hand practice because I SUCK. it started when I was trying to draw someone holding a notepad open and i'm like lol wtf is perspective man idk where the hands go at all. so I started with this picture. it's just that hands are so flexible and it works with perspective because of it's many crooks and bending and illusions like ugh one of the hardest things to draw. I don't think these were bad but there's more practices to come before I can actually draw hands doing things without references one day.


Sunday, December 1, 2013

"So he became a writer, and he wrote about that dancer who he loved and cast away. The innocence that crumbled in his hands, inevitably. People gathered and paid for the pity party and it made him rich and famous and sad—someone called him miserable, once—and he wrote more about corroding dreams and despair and moon-watching from well bottoms, and it made him richer, and sadder, and more famous, and eventually god decided to put him out of his misery."

Anterograde Tomorrow, changdictator