Saturday, January 4, 2014


it hurts me to see Yongguk like this... but as a leader, he has to be strong and I hope he will continue to brave through every challenge like this. I know he's working hard and in one way or another I hope that he wouldn't force himself but it seems unlikely that he'll stop making music just because of things like this. plus the pressure from the company, I'm sure he hadn't even considered a break if the company wouldn't have mentioned it.

well from the start, when this thing came out, I didn't really wanna share it with anyone but I felt that it was important for people to know that everyone goes through rough times and no one deserves to be bashed and called "undeserving" because we don't know what some people had been through to get to where they are. the cycle keeps turning and if a person doesn't deserve what they get, then the wheel will turn again, believe it.
Personally whenever a person bashes B.A.P I don't really wanna care because honestly it's only what I, and the fans think of them that's important, not some brats who decided that this certain group of people doesn't deserve the recognition that they get. but to one point, if it gets to the boys themselves, they would get hurt. and that's the only thing I'm trying to avoid. I don't care about you bastards who can't think humanely when you talk. but you can't hurt my boys.


P.S, I drew henna on my fingers saying "B.A.P" and mom commented that people looked at it weirdly. she told me if I wanted to draw something, I should've drawn like a flower or something. I couldn't really accept what she said. I know she's a bit traditional and would rather go with the norms but I thought she'd know I'm a bit different. and that's the point. people see me and they see a normal teenage girl but then they see my fingers and I look different - I have something going on in my life that I'm passionate about that I wrote it on my skin. not permanently, but it's there. I'm not just a girl. I'm more than what you think.
Plus, it looks badass.

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