Wednesday, January 29, 2014

south korea tour group.

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first row from left; grandma of babies, Jenny, twin's mother, twin's father, girl twin, my mother, me, Kak Huda, Abang Nordin's wife, wife's sister, Pn. Faridah, Aunt of babies, toddler's mother, parents of baby.

second row from left; grandpa of babies, guy twin, BSP, BSP's father, my dad, Kak Yat's husband, Kak Yat, Abang Nordin, Kak Syarifah.


For those who are wondering, I went on a Muslim tour package with Kembara Sufi and I highly recommend you go with them. It was very convenient, and the tour guides were friendly and helpful, plus the price is considerably cheap too. I had a great time.

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