Tuesday, February 4, 2014

first sensibility.

ah, yes, they are back... six days after I come back from Korea.. aish shibal...

Cheonsa gateun? chyea, right. I think they're talking about themselves.
Anyway, they're back with a more mature, sensible (?) feel, and with a 'dandy sexy' look. yes sure please put in as much random English words as you can into your 'styles'. I wasn't looking forward to this comeback, honestly. But after the first few teasers my ears caught onto the guitar sounds and you guys know how I love 'em guitars. Totally fell for the opening of the song, then the MV struck me even more with the dance open. That was just awesome. And not to mention unexpected. The rest of the video was as I thought it would be (a lot like Rain Sound, except with less neon paint and a girl this time?!? wow very brave but well majority of BABYs aren't like majority of SM stans cough) and didn't really shock me as much as it made me cry. Yes I did cry a bit. Mostly at Himchan's part. I don't know how it feels like to lose someone you love, but I do know how it feels like to want to shoot yourself when you see yourself in the mirror. but well that's depressing so let's move on with the album tracks.

Is it just me or this style reminds me a lot of B1A4? Or have I been listening to B1A4 too much? thing is I downloaded B1A4's latest album just a few days before the release of First Sensibility and I feel that a lot of the songs are almost similar to B1A4's songs even from previous albums. I followed B1A4 since the beginning and heard all their albums so I think I would know. not saying anything but well, B.A.P is known for their variety. at least not all their songs are like that.

I'm not a fan of the whole album, but there are a few tracks I've come to like such as B.A.P (umm obviously), S.N.S, Check On, Shady Lady, BANGx2 (literally bang my head every time I listen to it) and Save Me. there are a few that I had to get used to like B.A.B.Y, With You and Easy but then there's Lovesick. it sounds like it belongs on a drama OST seriously. a drama production should contact them and ask if they can use it so that they can get more royalty for such a song.
what two songs did I leave out hmm? Body & Soul is very uncomfortable because Jongup's high note. and I just found out the translation. and I am not about to give in to vocal orgasms okay. I. AM. NOT. GOING. TO. NOPE. oh and Spy. Spy is okay. I just don't really get the point of the song lmao. but well at least it's catchy.

in total, I give the album a 3.5/5. not exactly my taste, not entirely (they shot in that screamo track and a hip-hop intro in there so I forgive them). I give the M/V a 3.5/5 too, and the 0.5 is for the acting effort I mean Youngjae and that mirror punching thing cries???!?! someone on Tumblr explained the scenes here but I don't think it made the MV better. there wasn't much plot though, except for them being depressing and shit, but the I liked the colours, and the dance is dbfjsad I can't wait to see the whole thing during live. The title track gets a 4/5 because guitar heh. and well yeah. in terms of favouritism towards the album it's similar to No Mercy where the title track is good but the rest of the album... doesn't sound like them? well 1004 still ranks higher than Badman so hah.


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