Tuesday, February 18, 2014

unpopular opinions.

I'm always trying to put a different idea out there, aren't I? always having opinions about something but no one gives a fuck. well imma put it up anyway because one day I'll be looking up my old blog posts (like I am nowadays) and be like "oh, I was really passionate about this back then lol ideky" but at least I had opinions, ya know, rather than just going with everyone else thinks. Plus, it's not like anyone reads this blog anyway so when someone go like "everyone has opinions, you don't exactly have to state it out, it's not important" but NO I've been talking to myself for too long I can't stand it anymore I gotta put it up somewhere in hopes someone will read it. It's open for the public to read, so why not? when they don't it's not like I haven't tried to reach out.

Anyway let's get to the opinions. I'm just gonna start rambling. To start it off I'll mention the fact that Baekhyun (EXO) and V (BTS) met up as 'appa and son' on Inkigayo the other day and there were pictures of them supporting each other's albums. In their faces I traced their smiles being forced. Or maybe it's just me to see people and think they're being pretentious. V gives the effort to put up a smile but Baekhyun barely holds it up with a smile and had to have fantakens to post up the picture unlike V who had it on their twitter. doesn't make the difference. that's them and at least they're making the effort to appear friendly.
But the fans. someone (I went to the profile and it's not even an EXO stan, it was a Queen) posted up a picture of Baekhyun holding BTS's Skool Luv Affair and saying "Baekhyun taking out the trash". who the fuck would think that that was a good idea? then another fan (I think it was a BABY but I'm not sure because the profile picture was irrelevant) quoted it saying "more like Baekhyun being graced by real music for the first time" which was like SNAAPP GURLL. I love sassy fans. they're the ultimate goal, seriously.

going back to music, yes, BTS recently feels like the most 'real' lately, with their tough-school kids concept and preaching in their album tracks. of course, like the album title suggests, there were more love songs than usual but this was a longer album, I think. the first two were like, minis with less than ten songs but this one had about 11? 12? I just heard it last night. my favourite tracks was probably the intro, the second cypher and Tomorrow. anyway I've been watching their performance of Boy In Luv and I was actually kinda disappointed. I think Jimin was the least enthusiastic about at least making the lip-sync look real. second least was V but it was only during the 'stutter' part. I think only the rap sounded live? Suga's sounded most live. J-Hope sounded mostly lip-synced. he didn't miss any parts that he was supposed to do it live, but the music was loud enough to see that it was quite bad. some BTS stans themselves said it looked quite bad. I know they probably wanted to concentrate on the choreography, and they don't have any real singers in their group but then why bother putting in so many singing lines in the first place? the high pitch notes are really unnecessary. the chorus doesn't even have to sound so melodious. have you guys heard Block B? the chorus just sounds a lot like Zico, and it's still good. the singing lines aren't extravagant (except for Taeil's high pitch parts, of course but he's like an actual, good vocalist) hence they sound real and easy to sing live. make it easy for your vocalists - give them parts they can actually do. or else make them train to make it sound good.
because I like them - I like them for their awesome, sick raps, and I like them for their sick moves, but they lack vocals and it seems like they're just trying to cover it up so much that it just puts off a lot of people.

moving away from that topic, Block B is really a group I admire, but I can't say I love them because not all their tracks get to me, but Zico had been a good influence to me, in my opinion. he's a strong guy and he speaks his mind through his music and he is pure about wanting to share his music and what he believes is important. I just wanted to state that out, while in the topic.

I don't wanna say that all idol rappers who were originally underground rappers have to do this, but I really like it when they make their own mixes. my current favourite is RapMon's Too Much cover. I used to listen to a lot of Zico's works and some of Kyung's. Yongguk had this phase last year, before all the concerts started. but suddenly, he just stopped posting new songs. I was really disappointed because I really liked it. I didn't like all the songs but I felt like he was really sharing the music he likes with his fans and I thought it was an honourable thing. it's a shame that they're so busy lately.
Also, this might be my problem but Yongguk, or B.A.P at least, were the ones who really pushed me into exploring k-hiphop. Block B was a start, but because of them I really opened up to rap music. but the fact that they're now exploring new music genres so that they can attract to more mainstream listeners makes me kinda sad. and I'm not making this up I straight up quoted Yongguk off Simsimtapa. I really would like to see them go back to like, No Mercy era because I think that was catchy and still attract the mainstream listeners because it was fun, it was addictive and it meant something. it had something to say. No Mercy was a really, really good era. and now they're turning back to the topic I like least - love.

recently BtoB released Beep Beep and I gotta say it was quite awful. I mean I guess a lot of KPOP songs needs a few plays before you really like it but I just wasn't digging this one. honestly, BtoB are one of the groups that have so much potential but you keep seeing them drop and drop even more, it's kinda sad. WoW was good. I really like WoW. and I know their first few songs were quite popular too (although not really my favourites). Thriller's rap was a kill. totally loved the rap, but everything else was meh, okay. but Beep Beep just... went down the drain. I'm sorry BtoB. there's something wrong with Cube. they used to make hit groups but now BtoB is suffering while their sunbaes are getting solid grounds for themselves. I feel like Cube is spending a lot of time on maintenance that they forgot they've got an underrated group to bounce back up to the spotlight.

BtoB has a lot of talent, but lack support from their company. VIXX has almost 30% talent but with the right songs and marketing techniques (awesome concepts, reality shows and such) VIXX are seriously getting more and more spotlight lately. but I don't think they've got much talent. their vocals aren't exactly the best, in fact there's a small population that believes that their singing techniques seems to be... wrong? idk. I'm not an expert, but I think that is a good explanation for what I think are their throat voices. most singers I know sing from the stomach (that's what I learned in choir) but if the voice comes from the throat... hence, you get Ken. Ravi isn't all that great neither. I don't think he's a dancer, so what's his main purpose in the group again? the maknae line don't do much neither. I feel like only N is the only one with talent... and I don't think it's really enough to earn the attention they get. their company's really good at marketing them.

lately I keep feeling like accusing people of being pretentious. I don't really understand why. but ya know when EXO won their 1st win on a music show Suho teared up and stuff? I seriously didn't buy it. I wonder who did? I know this sounds so mean I mean yea, they trained for years and they totally deserve it for all their hard work and stuff. I guess I shouldn't judge them by what "seems like" when I don't know what actually happened. I like EXO, I'm okay with them. I don't like their company. they were made to succeed - they were made for both the Korean and Chinese market and 12 people? who wouldn't be excited about that? I like Kai, he's cool. I like D.O, he's cool. Lay's cool, and Baekhyun, although tend to seem a bit cocky, is cool, and so is Chen (extreeemely talented). Xiumin and Luhan seems... okay. The rest? I don't know. Sehun should be put aside just as a model, Kris too, although I'm not really sure how he got there... he's not amazingly talented in dance or rap, and he can't sing... all I can think of is that he can speak multiple languages and his looks, and that in the end is a marketing Chanyeol is good; he's musically able, and he can rap decently, but he's got the celebrity fever. Tao's specialty is martial arts and I still can't believe SM decided to incorporate that with music.  casually, yea maybe but as an idol? why?? and Suho, again wow. there must be a reason he trained for 7 years, right? ya know, he could've done anything he wanted to, coming from Gangnam but in the end he chose becoming an idol... it speaks for itself, honestly. you say that people suffer and work hard to become an idol and you see those who gets through. someone who's more well deserving could've taken Suho's place and possibly provide a better living for his family and maybe actually have incredible talent, too.

anyway as much I want to be okay with EXO and SMent and say they deserve everything they've got... I'd still say no. in comparison to those who deserve it so much more.

I don't know where that was going. I wanted to mention B.A.P too. their aim was never to win a music show, but I guess when you 'target the mainstream audience' you'd want your song to be popular and hence, win. when they did win, there were no tears of joy from all their hard work (because they enjoyed their work) and it was mostly just smiles and awkwardness. if I've known B.A.P long enough, I would say that I know their joy comes from performing. and there's so many assumptions now that I don't even want to point fingers but I wish they're happy. if they are then who am I to judge what they're doing? is that really my job? my job as a fan should be just to want them to be happy. so I'll just stop here.
*edit* I thought of mentioning this, but there had a been a lot of pressure in helping B.A.P win those awards through SNS. with the votings and making accounts on foreign websites and trying to get views for the MV and all that... fans should understand that everyone has their own lives and you can't expect everyone to do as much as you do. just do what you can do. harassing others to do the same isn't nice, and especially since it's open to the public, it'll give a bad name to our fandom.

I had a chat with Ayuni unnie and suddenly I realized that I'm not the only one... who's afraid to see them as reachable... because one day you'll realize that no matter how much you love them they still won't love love you back. but it really does hurt, when they seem so human.

because Daehyun looks so human, so real. he too gets distracted and realizes things. it's, sort of the type of things you don't get to see them be like because you don't see them casually like this.

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