Wednesday, February 5, 2014

video #10 // #ItsMjupDay

I feel my demons misleading me//

I should've posted Youngjae's video here but it's too embarrassing I don't want to.
This one had me put in a bit more effort than Youngjae's video. It's not much better, mind you, but I'm okay with it.
I used to make those videos with a lot of effects and beat-sync stuff but honestly, I listen to very slow techno music so I didn't want to make another sappy video. hence I used an indie song yay. isn't it much brighter? yes? much more up-beat and positive thinking? no? well I tried.
I used a few techniques that EXO editors used for their videos so copyright me as much as you want I created this myself. plus you have the handiness of PS while I purely use SV so please move aside. I just wanted to try something new. and also, probably the most layers I've ever used (probably because that ass backwards video used a lot of layers too I'm just not sure how many). text is not easy to deal with. it looks okay like this, but it looks okay like that too, but which one is BETTER? idk. you don't know. plus font picking is not easy I had been using these two way too much okay.
oh and did I tell you I made this in one day? one very stressful day. I had to cut the song short sorry not sorry. the song was edited in a different day though.

my message to Jongup is in the video so no, this is not a sappy post.

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