Thursday, February 13, 2014

Who Am I VS First Sensibility.

okay so this is me being retarded and totally uneducated about the origins of each song and musically unprofessional. but I've been listening to B1A4's Who Am I album and B.A.P First Sensibility album a lot and I find that there's a lot of similarities.

First and foremost this is NOT a plagiarization accusation towards B.A.P (obviously - read sidebars please) but just an observation and I'm doing this based on whatever knowledge I had when I first had this realization just because I want you to feel what I feel (which is basically "OH MY GOD THIS IS TRUE WTF THEY SHOULD GO ON BEATLES CODE!!"). secondly since I'm biased I only know a few songs from the Who Am I album, because that's how it goes if I don't exactly click with a song I download it. thirdly I'd like to claim that I like both groups and had followed them since debut and they are my babies.

okay, now about the album differences. as we all may know, B.A.P is always trying to show a different side and trying new music genres and different styles. hence this album was a bit different and like I said in the review somewhere before this album strongly reminded me of B1A4's style. because B1A4 has their own colour - their songs are always almost similar, with different stories and such. the comment I made before didn't only refer to this album but also their previous albums.
and my comparisons are not fully based on the music, but more of the 'feel' or 'beat' of the song and lyrics. they may not be musically similar at all. they're both full albums, hence has a range of 12-13 songs. for B.A.P, I'll leave out B.A.B.Y since it was technically pre-released (sort of lmao). they both have an intro song, but both with very different styles so I'll also leave those out. both title tracks are sad songs (it's winter after all) but in different styles too.

now let's start of with the album tracks comparisons.

Easy VS Baby

this is pretty basic. both songs talk about breaking up and how they're trying to let go, but they talk honestly to their lover that it's not easy to move on. both songs are considerably slow with a catchy beat. they boys sing in mellow voices. I liked Easy at first listen because of the "gwenchana I'm not ok" part, but later it gets boring, while Baby didn't catch on me at first but later on it gets better and better. I like both. I can't choose they're both really good.

Spy VS Drunk With Music (CNU solo)

both songs about wooing a girl, most probably scenes in a club where the guy eyes the girl and sings in high notes. only difference is B.A.P stalks the girl while CNU actually has the balls to make a move. they're both okay, but I prefer Spy. because, like B.A.P, I have no balls and usually do the stalking game as well. i'm kidding I just actually got put off by CNU's Engrish. umm awkward.

Body & Soul VS Amazing

both songs are talking about sex, in very different ways. while B.A.P is very abusive sensual, telling people to scream their name and talking about touching, ignoring the art subtlety entirely, B1A4 is more discreet by telling the girl she's "amazing" at sex and tells the girl to 'come closer'. but for what exactly? nine year olds will never know. I'd say B1A4 is more of a gentleman and I like Amazing a lot better, not to mention the amount of awkward B.A.P puts me in that song I swear. this topic shall not go further.

Shady Lady VS Yeoppeo

both are songs about appreciating a woman's beauty, telling them not to feel so insecure, both doesn't make me feel any prettier but still, lovely songs. I like both. if you like blood A type guys, you'd like Yeoppeo. if you like blood B type guys, you'd like Shady Lady. listen to these two songs (and another B1A4 song, So Fine) when you feel ugly and hopefully it works on you. period.

With You VS Road

both songs about friendship, about being there for each other and warm hugs and agape love. there's a major difference though, which is, Road is more relatable to most, I believe and can make anyone cry thinking about their old friends. on the other hand, With You feels more like a song that you can't use for just friends, but it's not exactly romantic neither. while a BABY can feel the love in the lyrics, not many can relate because there's a bit of distance between the singer and the person he's singing to, and it will explain the line "my baby" which most consider as a term for a lover but it's not it's their fans.Yongguk mentioned that With You is not a love song, but more of a song for friends but honestly who calls their friends 'baby'. I don't want to choose a favourite because both songs apply for very different people to me.

Yea that's all. I would take the extra effort to compare the other songs too but B1A4's album tracks are mostly love songs while B.A.P have tracks like Check On and BangX2 which I can't compare to any of B1A4's tracks. also B.A.P's songs are really sad. both albums are slow, but there's hope in B1A4's album, ya nam sayin'? there's Overwhelmed but that's really slow and as much as I love it, there's not a single song similar to it in B.A.P's album hence, no comparison.
also a suggestion, someone should probably check out if some of B.A.P's First Sensibility tracks were actually composed by B1A4's regular composers which should explain the similarities. if I was that girl with the glasses from Criminal Minds I would've crossed over the keyword 'composer' the minute I heard the album but sadly, I don't have her great technology. (I actually checked, a lot of their songs were actually composed by their usual composers, while B1A4's album was mostly composed by Jinyoung with help. this is pure coincidence what the hell.)

lastly, everyone should listen to both albums because they are both amazing groups that I love and adore since their beginnings and until now has brought wonderful music to my life. B.A.P, B1A4, hwaiting!

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