Wednesday, December 10, 2014

mix & match.

Ah, just as I did with WIN, I delayed watching this due to education but have ran a marathon and finished 8 episodes in 24 hours. The first episode I started off like last week in attempt to procrastinate studying. Anyway, of course I have my comments but there's not as many as I do to say how INCREDIBLY TALENTED EVERYONE IN THE WHOLE SHOW IS AND I CANNOT IMAGINE BEING IN THEIR POSITION BECAUSE I WOULD BREAK. BREAK.

Of course, I'm just thankful that the original Team B members are all in iKON but the new additional member was a surprise when I first got to know the new trainees because I thought Jinhyung looked like he had more potential and Chanwoo was just a child actor wanting to be a singer? Also because he looked like Yunhyung, I really didn't expect him to get in lol is that a valid reason? Soon though, I found out why people voted for him. He was a quick learner and competed with the original members and were lovable at the same time. Although, watching this show makes me see so much beauty in people; I cried with every member, even Hongseok, the one whom I questioned the purpose of from the beginning. I honestly like all of them so much like sometimes I go HANBIN YOU'RE SUCH AN AWESOME LEADER BUT YOU CAN BE A TOTAL DORK TOO and then another time BOBBY YOU'RE SO DUMB HAHAHA and then JINHWAN OH MY GOD YOU ARE KILLING ME YOU--- STOP.

Yunhyung is the supportive hyung; the way he made Jinhyung more confident on stage was sooo cry worthy and the fact that he treats Chanwoo like his own dongsaeng-- ugh, my heart. Donghyuk's so brave and so passionate, it broke my heart when he did that dance flawlessly without anyone even knowing he injured himself and then his mother saw his ankle brace and started crying? Yeah, same ahjumma. The thing about Donghyuk and Yunhyung is that they didn't really stand out during WIN because there were so many talented people that they were overshadowed.
Jinhyung's awesome too, his voice is heart-eyes worthy, he's super cute and I really hope he debuts in a good group so that he can express his inner-variety some more. Hongseok, like he said himself is so straight forward and he's really truthful to himself and about his feelings. That time when he got scolded by Hanbin for not practicing and said he hated that Hanbin was right? It hit me so hard. At first I didn't really like him; he felt like an intruder and didn't fit in well music wise. But in other senses I can see he knew he wasn't gonna get a position in iKON anyway and just tried to be a good friend to the others. And Chanwoo's just a nice boy and a quick learner - the one that everyone can easily love, seriously. Who doesn't like Chanwoo man. He's so nice.

Now, on with my favorite performances. I'll say it now; it's hard picking one or two from each episode because I think most of the performances are flawless like they do better than groups that had already debuted?? YG artists are all so quality haih. If you guys want to see other performances from the same episode, they should be on the channels of the videos below. I only used 2 channels so it should be easy to find the other teams' performances. Vocals tend to be shaky at times, but imagine this; most debuted groups just lip sync. Okay, moving on.

Episode 2

Episode 3

Episode 4

Episode 5 (this performance and the next one is actually the ones that score the lowest but I genuinely enjoyed their performance more than the others so.)

Episode 6

Episode 8

(this below is the show version, which I don't really like because of the excessive camera work)

(this is the one (?) camera version where you can see the dance better as a group, but the song of the 2nd part of the routine was changed due to copyright)

If you wanna see my favourite WIN performances, click here.
I don't really have expectations, because I already know they're talented and where they're going depends on YG. In comparison to WINNER though, they have a more varied amount of talent, meaning their possibilities are more than WINNER's. whatever it is, I'll be anticipating their debut. About Jinhyung and Hongseok... Hongseok will find his place somewhere better for him, for sure. He doesn't need to be in YG to succeed because he's got a wonderful voice. Jinhyung is young and has a lot of potential so a lot of companies would wanna recruit him too, also his group will gain popularity thanks to Mix & Match so he's an advantage. thing is, the fact that they got into this show had already got the ball rolling for them and they should be grateful for that.

My favorite member? None. I like them all. I like Junhwae, Donghyuk and Chanwoo a bit less than the others but I can't pick between the four; they're all perf.